Bellmore Congregation History

Our Pastors

Before 1920, our list of pastors is incomplete and there is considerable overlap.  It is possible that the nineteenth-century pastors were not serving under annual appointments.  From 1920 on the record is clear.

1859   G.W. Sizer 1938-1940   Wendell J. Clark
1860   Robert Codling 1940-1951   Donald M. Runyon
1861   Henry Hatfield 1951-1961   Harry D. Robinson
1861   C.E. Glover 1961-1966   Richard A. Purnell
1863   E.H. Fanning 1966-1969   Avery C. Manchester
1864   William Wake 1969-1975   Charles Wesley Lee
1865   Hart F. Pease 1975-1983   Norma A. Rust
1866   Samuel W. King 1983-1984   David Stevens
1867   Seymour Landon 1984-1995   Jeffrey Glassey
1868   S.F. Johnson 1995-1998   Carol O’Hanlon
1869   B.F. Reeve 1998-2001   Albert Hahn
1907 (1)  P. E. Shoemaker 2001-2005   Julia Y.H. Yim
==     2005-2008   Young Shik Kim
1913-1921 (2)  William Dalziel 2006-2008   Westley Villazon (Associate)
1921-1922   Joshua L. Robinson 2008-2010   Jodey Williams
1922-1926   Francis P. Lamphear 2011-2014 (3) Judith Stevens
1926-1928   Robert E. Cordell 2014-2016   Charles Ferrara
1928-1931   G. Whitefield Simonson 2016-2018   Elon Sylvestor
1931-1938   E. Ralph Wiburg 2018- Present   Dyanne Corey
(1) Received postcard postmarked 1907

(3) Thomas Smoot, interim pastor from January through June
     after the death of Pastor Jodey Williams

(2) Listed as pastor in 1913 dedication of St Marks bldg.
     Continuous service assumed before 1920.
Bulletin for services on June 24, 1934.
The cover includes articles on
temperance and the recent
repeal of prohibition.
The Centennial (1939) celebration
journal and directory.

A list of special gift and
memorial suggestions to
outfit the Clarendon Avenue

building, circa 1958.

The Woman's Society of Christian Service
report for 1959-60.
Booklet describing a 3-year plan
to meet the needs and challenges
facing the church starting 1963.
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